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 Greg Sacks 18x Modified pics Here

In 1982 Greg won 28 out of 37  Modified races and also won the track championship at Stafford speedway

Photos courtesy of PETE'S Racing Site   Click to Enlarge


Greg in the Wilsberg #5   Greg in the #5 and Charlie Jarzombek #1

sacks46 copy.jpg (33471 bytes)

Some Modified Driver Pics

Photos by me except for the #33 and #1

Ewanitsko  Ewanitsko  3hirsch.gif (33940 bytes)  8_4flem.jpg (88277 bytes)  Tom Baldwin

Tom Baldwin and Steve Park  bar21.jpg (63020 bytes)  Charlie Jarzombek  full.jpg (63596 bytes)  Ken Bouchard

Bob park  Billy Pauch   reg44.jpg (96500 bytes)  pauch and stefanik  Flemington Speedway

Tom White  Wayne Anderson 

1999 pics

211699.jpg (93345 bytes)  31start.jpg (79000 bytes)  99leader.jpg (87070 bytes)  cominat1.jpg (106598 bytes)

Ken Heagy at Riverhead